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Apple may have introduced a set of new emoji characters with the introduction of iOS 9.1, but that’s nothing compared to what the new Emoji Keyboard from EmojiWorks will do for you. EmojiWorks’ new hardware-based keyboard has been designed and developed for Mac users with emotive typing via emoji characters firmly in its mind. The keyboard makes it a lot easier for those with an iMac or MacBook to quickly express themselves using their favorite emoji thanks to the built-in shortcut keys.

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The iPod has revolutionized the portable MP3 market bringing beautiful compact designs year after year. The recent iPod nano you have come to know and love has had a lot of success in even becoming a fashion accessory. Many kits are being sold online which allow you to transform your iPod nano into a watch, although many, if not all, are not waterproof.

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Let’s face it, most of us that own an iDevice, be it an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch are at least partially wooed by the cosmetics. Apple has a reputation of designing and bringing forth high quality products that sell well and look the part, as demonstrated by the recent iPad 2.

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