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To mark the release of Rio 2,which hits theaters on April 11th, the Angry Birds Rio game has just been updated to version 2.0, complete with a brand new episode based loosely on the forthcoming sequel. More than just a casual update, the new episode packs in a total of 26 new levels through which you may test your bird-flinging skills, and whether you’re excited about the second movie or just a big fan of the Angry Birds franchise, this is one release you won’t want to pass up on.

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Games are a strange genre. They’re insanely popular (just take a look at the best-selling or most popular titles across any App Store), and their dynamics are far from predictable. Sometimes, mindless, meaningless and dead simple titles would become overnight success stories, while other much well-developed and thought of titles would remain trailing in the abyss of non-recognition. Then, there are those cases too, where persistence and perseverance pays off. Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds lineup is one story that adheres to the latter category – a company on the brink of closure comes up with a title after countless attempts that becomes an insane hit with the masses, doing for Rovio what few titles have been ever able to achieve for their developers.

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