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Angry Birds has been the runaway success of the mobile era, and having started as a simple game for the Apple iPhone, now spawns every major platform with numerous adaptations of the original title. We learned early on last month that Angry Birds Friends, a social take on the popular format, would soon be debuting over at the App Store, and today, creator Rovio Entertainment has delivered a double whammy of avian-slinging madness by releasing the title for both iOS and Google’s Android.

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Angry Birds started out as a simple, physics-based title for the iPhone, but in just a few short years, has evolved into one of the biggest mobile franchises the world has ever seen. With the original, and the numerous subsequent titles now available on just about any platform with a user base higher than 10, it’s basically impossible to avoid those volatile avian creatures, and if you’re on Facebook, you might have caught wind of Angry Birds Friends. Recently released by Rovio Entertainment, the title plays on Facebook’s rather well-established social credentials, and with 60 million installs already, users of the world’s foremost social network seem to be taking the bait. Following its success on Facebook, Angry Birds Friends will soon be making its way to iOS, allowing iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to join in the socially-charged bird-slinging madness.

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