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If you’re into your tech news, you’ll be more than aware by now that Google made one or two important announcements yesterday. The event, headed in New York City by the company’s head of Android and Chrome Sundar Pichai, saw a brand new iteration of Android – Android 4.3 Jelly Bean -announced alongside a new streaming peripheral by the name of Chromecast. On top of that, the search giant also added the small matter of a significantly-updated Nexus 7 2013 tablet, which features an improved display, rear camera and faster processor among other niceties. If you happened to have missed any of yesterday’s proceedings or simply would like to relive the event, a video of the entire showpiece is now available to watch online via Google’s very own YouTube.

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Whenever a big company announces an impromptu special event, chins begin wagging as to what products or services said company will be bringing to the table. With the incessant talk of a follow up to the ASUS-manufactured Nexus 7 arriving soon, it’s more than likely the Android community will begin talking and speculating about its possible announcement this time next week.

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