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The Lightning dock has been on the market for six weeks now, with the iPad mini and iPad 4 joining the iPhone 5 as the first devices with the new proprietary connector. As is always the case with new Apple gadgets, sites like eBay are awash with thousands of Lightning connector accessories, and while some are more reputable than others, none have yet been released by any of Apple’s official accessory partners. Belkin does fall under that umbrella though, and in showcasing a series of accessories for the aforementioned devices, is the first company to officially announce Cupertino-authorized Lightning goods.

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You may remember an article we ran back in May from FreedomPop, which, for $99, had created a 4G sleeve cover, which could offer “blazing” fast 4G speeds on an iPhone 4 / 4S. Now, that very same company has created a $99 cover which does the exact same thing, but for your iPod touch instead.

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