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Windows 8.1 was an incremental update to Windows 8, Microsoft’s first attempt at creating an operating system that was a balance between desktop computing and tablet experience. The OS, however, gathered rather unfavorable reviews despite Microsoft’s best efforts, and hence, even though Windows 8.1 was nothing too big, it plugged at the right holes and ticked all the right boxes to make Windows 8, or the whole Modern UI, for that matter, an acceptable affair. Along with feature enhancements also came native support for 3D printing, and to reiterate the fact that it does, indeed, support the new wave of future tech, the Redmond giant has announced an official 3D printing app for Windows 8.1.

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It’s not every day that a company like eBay launches a new app, mainly because it’s already got apps on all the major platforms and apart from the odd redesign here and there, there’s no need for any additional apps. Or is there?

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