Remember what iOS was like before the days of folders? Page after page of assorted icons, and not only was it impractical, but an eyesore. Since iOS 4, things have been much easier to manage, but customization of said folders has been typically lacking from Apple. Despite boasting a dual-core A6 processor, not even the latest iPhone 5 can handle more than a few icons in one folder, and as for the folder icons themselves cannot be altered to look less cluttered. As jailbreakers will know, there are plenty of tweaks – namely chpwn’s InfiniFolders and ashikase’s revered FolderEnhancer – to allow for more icons in one folder, and if you’ve been looking for a way to change the folder icons from 3×3 to an altogether less-cluttered 2×2, you now can thanks to 2×2 Folder Icons.

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