“Steve Jobs” Explains Why There Is No White iPhone 4 [VIDEO]

Dear everyone-who-is-wondering-when-we’re-going-to-release-the-white-iPhone 4: we aren’t going to because we’re f***ing with you, ok?

A dramatic start to a very interesting video about some of the reasons why Apple really has no plans of releasing a white iPhone 4.

I’d jot down every reason mentioned in the video, but it really be best if you go ahead and watch the video for yourself first.

One thing is for sure, though: Apple does get a lot of free advertisement from the media. They are, undoubtedly, the most covered tech company in the world; more so than Google, more so than Microsoft.

There is just so much to talk about: rumors of the next iPhone / iPad, next iOS version, what will come with it, jailbreaking tweaks and news, new apps yadi-yadi-yada! All this free press, I believe, lies in Steve Jobs’ magically-amazing ability to mesmerize the audience. He’ll make a standard feature sound like a revolution (FaceTime, anyone?) and he’ll just make. you. believe. They even have a term for Jobs’ on-stage charisma: Reality-Distortion-Field (RDF). Google it. [iClarified via FakeSteve]

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