Sony Is Poised To Launch PlayStation 4 Before The Next-Gen Xbox

Sony has claimed that the next PlayStation will beat the new Xbox to market according to a new report. As if all the rumors amongst fans and the press wasn’t enough. Sony itself has now thrown itself into the rumor mill by suggesting that it will beat Microsoft to market with a new, updated home gaming console.

According to an anonymous source for VG247, Sony believes that this time it has the edge on Microsoft, who managed to get the Xbox 360 out and into the hands of gamers before Sony could push the PlayStation 3 to market. Some would argue that the Japanese firm has been playing catch-up ever since. It is even conceivable that Microsoft’s ability to release the Xbox 360 worldwide so quickly gave the machine the leg-up it needed after lackluster sales of the original Xbox console.

Both Microsoft and Sony are expected to take the covers off their respective next-generation hardware during next year’s E3 conference, but there is a big difference between announcing a console and making it available to the buying public. If Sony can indeed be the first to market then the gaming landscape may change, swinging the battle back into the path of the PlayStation.

VG247 also suggests that developers and their teams are already hard at work making games for the new hardware, hoping to be ready to have their software released alongside the new machine.

Sony needs to go big with its new PlayStation after a less than stellar showing of the PS3, and while Microsoft has been making great strides with the Xbox platform and brand, Sony’s PlayStation has suffered something of a bloody nose over the last few years. Throw the disappointing PSP, PSP Go and now PlayStation Vita into the mix as well, and it is clear that the once proud brand needs a success sooner rather than later. Can the PlayStation 4 be that success?

PS4 Xbox New

Microsoft, for its part, will not be resting on its laurels. With the Xbox 360 it has had a runaway success, even with the hardware issues that plagued its early years. If the company can replicate some of the 360’s success with the new Xbox, then us gamers are in for a treat this generation.

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