Someone Ran Ubuntu On An iPhone Because Why Not?

The process of jailbreaking an iPhone or iPad can often open up all kinds of weird and wonderful opportunities and that is most definitely the case here. According to one Reddit user, they were able to install and run Ubuntu on an iPhone 7. And it works surprisingly well, complete with graphical user interface.

Reddit user newhacker1746 says that they were able to get Ubuntu running after jailbreaking the iPhone 7 using the checkra1n jailbreak which is, of course, based on the checkm8 exploit.

What makes this all the more impressive is the fact that the iPhone 7 in question would not normally be able to even boot into iOS thanks to failed hardware. That wasn’t going to stop Ubuntu, though!

To be honest, I felt a lot of pride in using Linux for one of its classic purposes: repurposing otherwise-unusable devices. This iPhone would never be able to boot iOS again, as its nvme nand is completely dead. Yet, it boots Linux and mounts a filesystem over USB ethernet no problem!

You can see the results of this person’s labor in a YouTube video and over on Reddit where they also go through the process of doing this for yourself. Should that be something you’re aching to do right now.

Hey, we all need something to do during lockdown, right?

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