Sexiest looking iPhone App Interfaces

We all know how good iPhone apps can look! Infact they are the best looking mobile apps out there – and pretty good at what they offer.

Today we’ll take a glimpse at 10 of the most sexiest iPhone apps (in no particular order) that are not only gorgeous but also the ‘Worth it’ kind:

1. Bento

Bento is an simple database management application for iPhone users from FileMaker Inc. It is basically a portable version of Bento for Mac. It helps in getting fast access to information (libraries and collections) when you are away from your computer.

It comes with 25 built-in templates for business (example issue tracking, time billing, expenses) and personal use(example diet logs, recipes, vehicle maintenance, home inventory). Otherwise, you can also create your customized templates for which a blank template is provided.

Bento for iPhone is integrated with Contacts, Safari, Mail and Google Maps. Databases can be synchronized through WiFi with Bento for Mac through which you can keep your stuff synchronized.

Download Bento (iTunes link)


2. Movies Now!

Buy your cinema tickets from your iPhone through the slick looking Movies Now!

Key Features:

  • Now!:
    • Get a list of all the movies playing in your vicinity.
  • Buy Tickets:
    • Buy movie tickets.
    • No security threat with credit card details.
  • Browse Movies:
    • Either in a Poster or List View.
    • Read synopses, cast details, running length times.
    • Watch movie trailers.
  • Movie Reviews:
    • Links to movie reviews (Rotten Tomatoes, Meta Critic).
    • Star Ratings from
    • MovieTweets
  • Cinemas:
    • Get complete information including address, phone numbers of nearby cinemas.
    • Find the location of cinemas near you.
    • Search by name or location.
    • ‘Favorite’ cinemas list maintained for faster access.
    • Find location of Cinema using Google Maps Application.


Download Movies Now! (iTunes link)


3. Where To

Sitting bored at home and want to go out to eat pizza or ice skating? And you have know idea about your whereabouts?

Well Where To will guide you through!

It gives 11 different categories on a beautiful wheel such as:

  • Food and Drink
  • Services
  • Shopping
  • Entertainment
  • Travel and Transportation
  • Health and Medical
  • Attractions
  • Education

For each category there are a number of options for the type of place you want to find listed in an alphabetical order. You can also choose whether you want the location near you, your friend’s place or any other location you want to specify. At the end, it displays the map with the specified location along with red pins on the found locations.

It is an extremely useful application especially for travelers and tourists. 

Download Where To (iTunes link)


4. Night Stand

The Night Stand application displays a bright glowing digital clock which is clearly and comfortably visible in the dark from a distance. You can customize your clock settings according to your wish!

Set the clock in different ways – for example show seconds, days etc, alter it to a 12 or 24 hr clock, enable mp3 playback, disable the screen auto lock and change the color of the display.

The application can be executed directly from the iPhone Settings option. It’s a blessing for sleepy heads like me who never want to wake up.

Download Night Stand (iTunes link)


5. LittleSnapper


The rules are simple for LittleSnapper – Take a  photo, name it, rate it, tag it and share it!

You can share your favorite photos with your friends through the QuickSnapper service or your iPhone Twitter client. You can store the photos locally within the Photos app as well. Another great feature included is the ability to save a screenshot of an entire web page from within the application.

Make you picture taking more fun!

Download LittleSnapper (iTunes link)


6. TweetDeck

The popular desktop twitter client comes to iPhone! Now Tweet all you want from your iPhone through TweetDeck!

Reply, retweet, send direct messages, follow and un-follow people – Do all you want through this great app with a fantastic interface!

You will be glad to know that you can also:

  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts.
  • Get notifications for new tweets.
  • Use columns to create your personal dashboard.
  • Reorder the columns by holding your finger down on the column for five seconds.
  • Create Groups of your favorite friends to easily follow them(which filters the Tweets by followers or by topic).
  • Follow topics in real-time with saved searches.
  • Share your photos with your friends with Twitpic and YFrog.
  • Shorten the links with your desired URL shortener.
  • Refresh columns by shaking the iPhone.

It a treat for all the Tweeps with iPhones!

Download TweetDeck (iTunes link)


7. Formula 1 2009

Formula 1 2009 for iPhone gives you all the latest news about this year’s Formula 1 season – truly a must have for formula 1 fans!

It keeps you updated about:

  • Race day countdown and weather forecast.
  • Driver/constructors standings.
  • Latest News from the paddock.
  • Races: LIVE Information/statistics/trackmaps on the race day.
  • Teams: Photos/technical information/history.
  • Drivers: Statistics/Career Overviews.
  • Videos: Past/Present


Download Formula 1 2009 (iTunes link)


8. Seasons

Seasons gets all the relevant information you need when buying food stuff or ordering it at a restaurant.

Key Features include:

  • Information about fruits, vegetables, lettuces, herbs, fungi and nuts.
  • 170 entries-with photos, short description, season data and more.
  • Local and import seasons.
  • Overview of fruits in accordance with the current season.
  • Monthly/Category Overview.
  • Built-in Search functionality.
  • Can automatically detect your region and then display the food accordingly.

Download Season (iTunes link)


9. Cities – World Clock

Ever wondered sitting in USA, what time would it be in Africa? Cities gives you the precise time and date in any part of the world with respect to any time zone. Its excellent if you want to conduct meetups – a great help for business related people(and others) who travel around to different countries quite often.

Cities has a huge database with 20,000+ cities in over 180 countries. Besides, you can also add custom cities if you are unable to find them.

Download Cities – World Clock (iTunes link)

10. Old Clock

Old Clock is an old-fashion wooden clock – an extremely beautiful one! Instead of a simple digital clock, you can get a stylish looking old clock. The application is very detailed. You can even observe movements of the gears in the background while adjusting your volume. It is a simple app with elegant finish!

Download Old Clock (iTunes link)

These are my top picks for the 10 of the most sexiest looking iPhone Apps. Let me know your favorites!