Samsung Working On Its Own Google Glass, The ‘Gear Glass’

When it comes to emerging products in mobile space, Samsung is very rarely caught off the pace, and following the release of the Galaxy Gear – the first smartwatch effort from any of the big names in tech – it now looks as though the company is going to create a product rivaling that of Google’s Glass. According to industry insider Eldar Murtazin, the South Korean outfit is working on its own pair of digital spectacles, which Murtazin is touting for a spring release under the “Gear Glass” brand. More details can be found right here.

Although many in the know have stepped out and suggested that Google Glass will not make a widespread impression on the consumer market, it’s fair to say that the consensus pertaining the wearable tech is one of excitement. Ever since the project was first revealed last year, we’ve seen some exciting snippets of what Glass could eventually be capable of, and with many developers and creative individuals currently working on apps, Glass’ launch early next year will be, one suspects, a significant date in the calendar.

Now, with Samsung in the fold and Murtazin suggesting Gear Glass could release around April-May time, Google Glass may have a serious competitor, and although the Galaxy Gear smartwatch hasn’t exactly made waves in its very short lifespan, it will be very interesting to see whether Samsung’s apparently new endeavor with Gear Glass has the mettle to take on the well-developed, heavily lauded Google Glass.

We can’t necessarily take Murtazin’s utterances, which have been recovered via his Twitter feed, as gospel. Yet with Samsung clearly aiming to cover as many different avenues in the digital market as possible, it’s not beyond comprehension that the company would come through with its own take on the head-mounted accessory.

Only time will tell whether Samsung is planning its own competitor, and moreover, whether it will be of much use. The limited functionality and compatibility of the Galaxy Gear has been rather crippling hitherto, and with Google clearly making a strong effort to prepare its Glass project for the masses, one has to hope that Samsung’s version offers just as enriching an experience out of the box.


(Source: Eldar Mutazin [Twitter])

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