Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Vs iPhone 6: Drop Test [Video]

Whenever a new flagship smartphone comes out, there seems to be no shortage of people who want to throw it on the floor to see what happens. Predictably, much glass shattering occurs, but it’s the rate of that destruction that is of interest. Does the phone stand up to more punishment than its contemporaries? Which will put up with a little more abuse than others?

With the arrival of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge the inevitable happened, with one YouTube video maker taking the S6 Edge and conducting drop tests with it to see whether the toughened glass on the front and rear of the handset meant it would fare better in the durability stakes. There was also a question surrounding whether the Galaxy S6 Edge’s curved screen may make it more susceptible to breakage than smartphones with traditional ones.

Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 back main

The video, which runs for a full eleven minutes, also puts the new Samsung smartphone up against the iPhone 6 to see which is the most durable. The end result has the iPhone suffering from damage on a larger scale than the new Galaxy, though as is always the case with these tests, your mileage may vary. After all, none of these tests are particularly scientific and you can never predict how your phone will land when you skim it across concrete when getting out of the car.

While there is no knowing how your own personal phone will do when metal meets the floor, these tests do at least provide anecdotal evidence of which phone may survive a fall the best. Our advice though? Get yourself a case and try not to drop it in the first place!

And make sure it’s insured.

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