HTC One M9 Vs Apple iPhone 6: Drop Test [Video]

For years, the tech media has used the drop test as a way of measuring the durability of our beloved mobile devices, and with the HTC One M9 hitting the consumer market, how does it fare against Apple’s 6-month-old iPhone 6 in the ultimate battle of ruggedness? Below, you can see both handsets put through their paces under a number of stresses and strains, and if you’re on the fence as to which of these two deserves your cold, hard cash, then maybe this clip will offer added perspective.

The first thing to say about a drop test is that, in the conditions proposed by videographer EverythingApplePro and indeed, most tech YouTubers, they are not entirely fair, nor can be used to accurately determine whether one gadget is sturdier than another. However, they do offer a general idea, and aside from the standard drop, EverythingApplePro takes things even further by including keys, knives, and even a motorbike.

HTC One M9 vs iPhone 6 main

Essentially, there was no holding back in the attempt to destroy and deface two of the mobile industry’s most sought after handsets, and while both devices more than held their own versus sharp objects and gravity, the heated, spinning wheel of the motorbike finally put paid to the resistance.

But while, having come face-to-face with a burnout, both phones were virtually unrecognizable – the iPhone 6 had even melted somewhat under the friction and heat of the wheel – they both remained powered on and, to a degree, functional. The displays were still working, showing off the respective operating systems, and both could be interacted with, although with shards and slivers of glass floating around, neither could be considered truly usable.

There remains a perverse pleasure in seeing these revered devices beaten to a pulp, and while the experiment itself is far from objective, it does all make for rather entertaining viewing.

Needless to say, whether you decide to pick up the iPhone 6 or the new HTC One M9, both tout incredibly powerful, feature-packed experiences, and judging by this clip, can deal with your everyday scuffs, scraps, and mishaps.

Check out the video below in its entirety, and be sure to leave your thoughts and comments via the usual channels!

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