PUBG Map Selection Update Coming To PC

PUBG Corporation has announced a new feature for PC users which has been requested on numerous occasions. After having tons and tons of gamers making the request over a prolonged period of time, the team behind the game is finally introducing map selection functionality, allowing gamers to choose which maps they do and don’t want to play on.

The announcement has been published in an official capacity via the Steam Newsroom in order to offer visibility to as many people as possible. Not only has the team announced the availability of map selection but has also decided to cover some pitfalls it tried to avoid when building this feature and decided to roll it out to the community.

One thing that’s extremely important to note here is that the team does concede that gamers “all over the world” have been “continuously” requesting this feature.

Map selection is something that players all over the world have continuously asked for. We take your feedback extremely seriously, but we also want to be thoughtful about how we implement changes to PUBG. And we knew that map selection posed a couple of problems we needed to seriously consider.

When building this functionality, the team has worked out whether or not a map selection feature would dramatically affect the time it takes to match gamers together when games are being architected. The team has also considered how this would affect different gamers in different territories and whether or not it would affect their playing style or introduce any level of detriment to their PUBG experience.

It seems that those considerations, when put together with the feedback from gamers all over the world, resulted in the company scrapping their initial ideas and getting rid of a number of designs for the feature.

When this is rolled out, gamers will be asked to select the maps that they do want to play on as and untick the maps that they do not wish to be matched with. If multiple maps are selected, then the game will randomly pick one of the chosen options. Once the company has completed the feature – which should be very soon – it will be tested on internal test servers before being rolled out globally.

(Source: Steam)

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