PopBot For Android Lets You Record Ad-Free And Popular Music From Internet Radio Stations

With so many different outlets and stores across the web, digital music isn’t what you’d consider to be a scarce commodity. While the ability to grab tracks from iTunes or Amazon is certainly convenient, buying in large quantities remains an expensive affair, hence many listen to the various online radio shows/stations instead.

In order for the radio shows to see some revenue, they are often ad-supported, which hinders the listening experience greatly. PopBot for Android does for music fans what recordable set-top boxes have been doing for years – allows them to enjoy continuous content without the boring chatter and commercials.

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The app, which is still at beta stage, connects to any internet radio source, and grabs just the music, leaving all the excess, unnecessary stuff behind. If you were ever one of those folk recording from the FM/AM radio with a cassette deck, you’ll be relieved to learn that PopBot is a little less time-consuming, working, as described by the developer, as "an intelligent robot in the background".


It’s not as much of a battery and cellular drain as you might perhaps expect, and by default, it will only run in the background when connected to a charging unit and connected to Wi-Fi. While these settings can of course be modified, you could simply leave the settings, and when your battery is charging and connected to Wi-Fi (presumably when you’re asleep), you’ll wake up to a fresh batch of tunes ready for your listening pleasure.

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PopBot works its magic by analyzing the radio station before beginning to save songs, and starts saving the most popular tunes from your selected radio station within a day. The longer you stay tuned to a station, the more often the more popular music will be saved. Of course, if you’re a little impatient, you can quick start the process with the Rough Cut setting, but while this is good for those looking for a quick injection of new songs, the finished .mp3 files aren’t as likely to be perfect.

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You can download it for free right now via the Google Play Store link below. It’s not yet the finished article, but is getting there, and if you can sense your music collection drying up, then download it, give it a try, and leave your feedback/ comments on our Facebook or Google+ pages.

Download PopBot (Beta) for Android [Google Play link]

[Thanks, Ali Shaheen]

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