Pokemon Go Egg Chart For Hatching 10km, 5km, 2km Eggs

Here’s a Pokemon Go egg chart to help you in hatching 10km, 5km and 2km eggs when playing Pokemon Go on iOS or Android.

As the Pokemon Go phenomenon rumbles on, one of the most important mechanics surrounding the game remains the hatching of eggs. Hatching eggs is also the biggest reason for gamers to get out of the house and get moving, with eggs hatching based on the distance players move while they have the app open. The further they walk, the better the class of Pokemon they will receive when their eggs hatch.


It’s a simple mechanic in reality, though it’s not always clear quite how it works and what the rewards are going to be, so here’s the lowdown. Gamers will be able to unlock differing Pokemon, again, depending on the distance they move. Three tiers of eggs exist – 2km, 5km, and 10km – and the further the gamer moves, the better the Pokemon that they receive will be.

In fact, in order to make that as clear as can be, a chart sent to us by a reader shows what Pokemon gamers can exactly expect to receive depending on distance travelled. We’re sure it will make for an interesting reading for those that like a good walk every now and then! You’ll find the chart embedded at the end of this post.

One thing worth bearing in mind here is that the mechanic of tracking player movement cannot be gamed, not unless you are using one of the cheats. Pokemon Go does not track steps, but rather location when the app is open or launched. That means using a treadmill is no good, and walking around in circles won’t get you anywhere because you won’t have travelled any great distance from the place you started. Straight lines, or as near as possible, are where the big numbers are racked up.

Oh, and that means no getting in the car and driving either – Pokemon Go uses times to decide whether movement is genuine or not. Sorry, folks.

Pokemon Go Egg-Hatching Chart


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