Photo Confirms Smaller 2750mAh Battery In iPhone 6s Plus

We already knew that the iPhone 6s battery was around 5% smaller than that in the iPhone 6, but a new photo now confirms that Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus will also come equipped with a smaller battery than the older iPhone 6 Plus.

Photos obtained by Chinese website Apple.Club.TW show what appears to be the battery from an iPhone 6s Plus with markings indicating that it is a 2750mAh part, with the battery shipping inside the iPhone 6 Plus holding a capacity of 2915mAh. This represents an approximate 5.7% reduction in battery capacity, just like the iPhone 6s.


It’s not all bad news, though, because in just the same way, Apple is quoting identical battery life times for the iPhone 6s when compared to the iPhone 6. The new iPhone 6s Plus is also listed on as being capable of the same statistics as the iPhone 6 Plus. The smaller battery, it appears, is not going to mean we will be charging the new phone any sooner than the handset it is replacing at the top of Apple’s smartphone hierarchy.

The reason Apple is getting away with smaller batteries that last the same amount of time when compared to last year’s larger parts is likely to be improved power management not just thanks to an improved CPU and other internal parts, but also the release of iOS 9. Apple’s new software is noticeably kinder on the battery when compared with iOS 8, though we suspect Apple’s new internals are the main reason for the reduced power consumption.

Below is the shot of the new iPhone 6s Plus battery. You can see the battery rating printed in the middle.


The new internals are ironically also the reason the battery is smaller in the first place, with the new 3D Touch screen and completely new Taptic Engine taking up space that wasn’t required in previous iPhones. That’s just the price you pay, even with the new handsets’ larger physical dimensions.

If worst comes to worst, and you find yourself consistently rushing to the charger with your new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, you can always use the Low Power Mode that comes with iOS 9 to get a few extra minutes of battery life.

(source: Apple.Club.TW)

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