Phil Schiller: Never Pluralize Apple Product Names

Turns out we’ve been saying the names of Apple products wrong, and marketing head Phil Schiller wants us to stop. So much so, in fact, that he took to Twitter to school us on just how we should be pluralizing Apple’s device names such as iPhone and iPad Pro. Every day is a school day when you follow the big man on Twitter.

According to Schiller himself, the plural of iPhone is not, as you might expect, iPhones. Nor is the plural of iPad Pro, iPad Pros, as common sense would dictate. Don’t let Phil Schiller hear you say that!


Weighing in on a conversation on Twitter surrounding the correct pluralization of iPad Pro in particular, Schiller dropped the bombshell that Apple’s product names work in both singular and plural, meaning a single iPhone is an iPhone, and two is two iPhone. See? Simple.

The same goes for iPad Pro. Have two of them? Then you have two iPad Pro.


If that just doesn’t hit the spot for you and you need something a little more concrete, Schiller suggests something along the line of “two iPad Pro devices,” if needs be, or “three iPhone handsets,” perhaps.

Whichever way you go, though, just remember that the names of Apple products themselves are never pluralized. If anyone questions you, just remind them that Apple’s own marketing guy has your back – after all, he really should know best, shouldn’t he?



While it’s great to see Schiller interacting on Twitter, we can’t help but think that his time might be better spent working on whatever Apple has up its sleeve for WWDC 2016 and arresting the start of a trend that has seen iPhone sales fall for the first time ever.

(Source: @pschiller [Twitter])

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