New York City Said To Be Considering Apple Pay For Its Parking Tickets

Apple Pay is still very much in its infancy but those that are able to take advantage of it have universally good things to report. It seems that being able to pay for things easily and while on the go isn’t just a good idea when you’re buying goods and services though, because the city of New York is reportedly considering adding Apple Pay to its existing ways of paying for parking tickets.

Currently, anyone wanting to pay for that parking ticket they picked up whilst out and about has to either do it online at home, visit a courthouse or pay via post which is something that apparently still happens. In 2015.

Apple Pay Touch ID

In a new report we learn that NYC is already looking into modern alternatives to its current antiquated method of recouping parking ticket revenue, with Apple Pay currently being considered alongside PayPal as well as Bitcoin. With around $600,000,000 being raked in annually, the New York City parking ticket business is most definitely a lucrative one, and one that could benefit greatly by being dragged into the present.

The report also says that the requirements for any new payment method as set out by the region’s Department of Finance include the ability to take a photo of, or scan, a ticket in order to see the details of the relevant violation as well as being simple to use while also speeding up the process as it stands. Apple Pay does fit the bill somewhat, and Apple’s terms will no doubt be favorable when compared to the fees currently charged by credit card companies.


If Apple Pay was to become one of the ways with which New York City residents can pay for parking tickets then it would further legitimize the system while also putting the Apple Pay logo front and center throughout the city. While we’re sure people won’t exactly be trying to get tickets in order to try out Apple Pay, it might just make you feel better when you’re handing over your hard earned money.

Oh who are we kidding, no it won’t!

(via: MacRumors)

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