New iPhone 6 Concept Features A Mind-Boggling ‘Holographic’ Display [VIDEO]

Even though numerous reports have given us a vague idea of what Apple may have in store for the iPhone 6, most of the details remain a mystery, and since it’s going to be quite a few months before the company’s next big thing manifests itself, anything that Apple has decided on could be subject to change. Amid the leaks and speculation, concept makers have been teasing some spectacular ideas, and while some, such as Sam Beckett’s earlier design, try to be indicative of what we’ll actually be seeing, others simply dare to dream. The following concept, which features a holographic display, does exactly this, and while Tim Cook’s men probably don’t plan on adding such a feature to the next iPhone, we can’t help but fall in love with this little effort from SET Solution.

The holographic display of the device, which can beam from either side, greatly enhances functionality, allowing apps to show multiple pages in one go. As shown in the demonstration video, for example, one could check their Twitter feed, YouTube and messages in one fell swoop, and even though we’re anticipating the iPhone 6 to pack a larger display, this kind of solution would significantly improve the productivity potential.

Although we know that a holographic display almost certainly won’t be included with the next iPhone, the idea perhaps isn’t all that ridiculous and far-fetched. After all, FOX News once claimed, falsely, of course, that the iPhone 5 would include such a feature, but if the company ever did decide to go ahead and take the plunge, we certainly wouldn’t complain if it turned out similarly to this SET Solution offering.

This iPhone 6 concept is one of the coolest we’ve seen by far, and kind of reminds me of the laser keyboard iPhone idea we saw back in 2011. Even though we must remain realistic, there’s no harm in dreaming, and to be honest, if a holographic display like this ever did become an option, I don’t think I would need any persuading to part with my money.

Check out the concept below, and be sure to leave your comments via the usual mediums.

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