How To Use Xbox One Controller With Windows PC [VIDEO]

If you’re in ownership of Microsoft’s new Xbox One console, and would like to know how to use the machine’s official controller with your Windows PC, then one user of the software giant’s latest and greatest has come through with an extensive video tutorial covering all of the steps. Check it out below!

Microsoft made a lot of promises in the build up to the release of the Xbox One – not all of which did the company any favors. The decision to announce that gamers would not be able to use pre-owned titles, for example – something that the Windows maker redacted following a huge amount of uproar – could be seen as part of the reason why Sony’s PlayStation 4 has taken an early lead as far as sales are concerned.

Xbox One Day One controller

But not every pre-release announcement was shrouded in negativity and doubt. Microsoft also revealed that its official Xbox One controller, which it had spent hundreds of millions on research and development into improving, would be compatible with a Windows driven PC. Considering how many hardcore gamers spend vast quantities of time and money improving their gaming PC setups, this revelation was quite a big deal, but yet four months in, and there has been no word on exactly how one would go about hooking the new Xbox One control pad up to a computer.

Clearly having had enough of waiting, Xbox One user Lucas Assis has come through with a detailed video step-by-step guide on how to get the Xbox One controller functioning with on PC. The process, which includes the use of Lucas’ very own application, also requires a USB driver, vJoy and libusb.

All of the necessary bits and pieces have been bundled up into a rar file downloadable via this link, and if you’ve been waiting for Microsoft to step up and reveal the secrets behind playing PC games using the Xbox One controller, you don’t have to wait any longer.

Sure, it would be nice if we did get some official support, but until such a time as this happens, Lucas’ offering will more than suffice. With support for up to 16 controllers, you only dilemma would be finding enough people to play with you, so check out the video below, which details every step to get you up and running.

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