More White iPod touch 5G Parts Emerge, Fit Perfectly On iPod touch 4G [VIDEO]

Rumors and reports supporting the release of a white iPod touch are springing up these day. We reported on white iPod touch parts (the front panel, at least) a week ago which were from Asia and today we’ve learned of these parts arriving in the USA. Photos after the break.


The parts obtained by a 9to5Mac reader from the East Coast of America who has reportedly managed to grab ahold of white iPod touch parts. He has taken photos and recorded a video that you can find below.

From 9to5Mac:

Since we posted photos last week of a white front panel for an iPod touch, more white iPod touch parts have emerged. Our first part photographs were taken in Asia, close to Apple’s manufacturing plants, and now these parts have begun to appear in the United States. Reader Lafayette from the East Coast of the United States has managed to obtain his own set of white iPod touch parts.These parts were marketed as being for the fourth generation iPod touch, and appear to fit perfectly based on this photo and the ones after the break. These white iPod touch parts started emerging this month, just weeks ahead of Apple’s annual iPod-focused event. With a typically credible analyst’s report claiming that the next iPod touch will not feature any external changes, one could assume that the white iPod touch parts we have seen are for a fifth-generation iPod touch with no external changes – other than the color. This would obviously allow them to fit on the current iPod touch model, too.

The timing of it all is quite close to the event Apple holds in September to announce updated iPods. September is also the month when the strongly expected iPhone 5 is to be launched. Rumors of a next-generation iPod touch and an iPhone are running side-by-side suggesting that either an iPod touch or an iPhone will be launched.

Here are the photos the front panel placed on top of an iPod touch 4G (they fit perfectly):



There are now two things that can happen: Apple launching the iPod touch 5G with the same external design as the iPod touch 4G in black and white models or Apple simply launching a white version of the current iPod touch alongside the iPhone 5.

The next-generation iPod touch will most probably have a dual-core A5 processor with other expected features like double the RAM (512MB RAM) and a slightly higher resolution camera. There are also rumors flying around of it having 3G connectivity.

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