You Can Now Download MonoNX Nintendo Switch Emulator For Android Here

Having an emulator that makes it possible to play console games on things like Android phones and tablets is something that isn’t new for most people, but the news that a new Nintendo Switch emulator is in the works, is. The MonoNX emulator takes Nintendo Switch games and makes them work on anything running Android, and that’s pretty amazing.

Put together by the Ryujinnx Team with help of ctrninja, MonoNX just needs an Android device with an ARM64 CPU and at least 4GB of memory in order to run. That’s a decent starting point for anyone wanting to get their Switch gaming on via anything that isn’t a Switch, although we can’t imagine many Nintendo gamers who haven’t already picked up a real Switch for themselves.

Keeping tabs on the development of this emulator is an easy task if you want to – there’s a new Discord project that you can follow, although the news isn’t great. While, yes, the emulator is in the works, it currently has “absolutely no graphics” and “only console output.”

Hello there, I’ve been working on this for a few days and I thought I’d finally show it off!

Please note that there is ***absolutely no graphics***, only console output! Also, it’s very slow (only runs at about 0.3-0.2fps for me) and it only runs old homebrew (e.g. first libtransistor tests and such).

That means that we’re probably a long way from this being something that we’ll be using on our own Android devices, but the fact that the work is being done should be enough for anyone who had been wondering. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to play some Nintendo Switch games on, you know, a Nintendo Switch. The only problem we have is choosing which of the great games to play first!

If interested in this, you can download the APK file from here. Progress and update on this project can be followed over at GBATemp forum thread here.

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