Listen To HomePod UI Sounds Extracted From Firmware

As a company, Apple is increasingly getting used to leakers giving out information about new hardware and upgraded software ahead of time. It’s become a fact of life that companies simply won’t be able to keep new releases under wraps until release day.

However, with the early release of the new HomePod firmware, Apple has essentially provided us with the ammunition that we need to learn about various new devices and features, including finding all of the UI sounds which will ship as part of the HomePod experience.

It’s likely that we have already witnessed the most interesting things to come out of any investigation into the HomePod firmware. However, Avery Magnotti has continued digging into the Apple provided IPSW file and has found a number of audio files which he believes will form the basis of the audible experience that users will receive when making certain interactions with the new HomePod hardware. The files are sitting internally as .wav extensions, with a number of them having familiar naming conventions and offering a familiar audible experience.

The names of the discovered files are as follows:


Magnotti is not content with just providing the names of the internal files, either. In order to give us all an understanding of the noises that we may eventually be hearing coming out of the HomePod, he has added the audio files into a video format and uploaded it to YouTube for everyone to actually listen to the sounds. It’s unclear at this moment where each sound will be utilized within the HomePod experience, but each sound is likely to play when a certain part of the setup process is in operation or has completed.

This is definitely an interesting reveal, but will likely pale into insignificance when compared to the fact that we have already learned so much more about iPhone 8 and the future of Apple Watch workouts thanks to the investigation into the HomePod firmware.

Apple’s new home audio accessory has already been shown to run on a full version of iOS with an underlying shell app called SoundBoard. It will start shipping in December for $349.

(Source: Avery Magnotti [YouTube])

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