List: Top iOS 7 Ready Apps You Should Try On Your iPhone Or iPad Right Now!

iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is finally here. The next logical step for any user is to look forward to the apps that will be updated for Apple’s latest mobile operating system. And we have handpicked the top apps updated for iOS 7 which you should download – or update to – right now.

As of writing, the app updates are tickling out slowly through the iTunes App Store, and Apple’s servers are being hammered down to its bones. But luckily, all the big name apps have been updated right on time for users to download and try.

iOS 7 apps

Without further ado, let’s jump right in to the list!


Twitter iOS

The famous micro blogging platform, Twitter, which limits users to just 140 characters has received its big iOS 7 update today, and now sits at version 5.11. It now features a flat, all-new interface, redesigned from the ground up just for iOS 7. The feature set over the last release remains the same, but now carries an all-new physical makeover, which brings a fresh breath of air to a lot of users.


Facebook ioS

Facebook has also joined the party, and is now fully compatible with Apple’s new mobile OS for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The new Facebook for iOS 7 update brings with it a bunch of subtle changes to the UI. And the most notable change comes in the form of a brand new navigation bar, which sits swiftly at the bottom of the display. The new bar makes navigating through the app a breeze, making all features available to the user just a tap away.


Evernote iOS

If you love taking notes on your device, then there’s no way Evernote went under your radar. Today, Evernote has announced a brand new version of its famous, self-titled note-taking app, and features a beautiful skeuomorphic free UI. Along with iOS 7 specific updates, the app is now much more easier to navigate, and accessing your notes has never been this much easier. I personally recommend using Evernote since it offers rich text features, tagging, uploading of photos, location etc.


Shazam iOS

What’s that tune playing in the background? Shazam has you covered! A free app residing in the App Store that identifies songs has also gotten a major update today, taking it to version 7.0. The new iOS 7 inspired UI is a charm to use, and looks much more cleaner than ever before. If you’re a music junkie, then Shazam needs a special place in your iOS device.


Foursquare iOS

Foursquare for iPhone was updated yesterday ahead of iOS 7’s release to fully support Apple’s new mobile operating system. The new app, which sits at version 6.3, is much more speedier than ever. The developer has promised bigger things to come in the future, and we’re bound to take their word on it. Why not make your next check-in an iOS 7 flavored one?

speedtest ios

A useful app if you constantly find yourself in bad network coverage areas. was updated way before the final release of iOS 7, and supports the new OS top to bottom. The UI changes remain unchanged though.


Chrome iOS

Chrome is our favorite browser here at Redmond Pie for a lot of reasons, mainly due to its tab syncing features. The new iOS 7 centric update brings with it a cleaner UI, better full-screen support and an improved Settings UI. Quite honestly, I don’t see any reason why Chrome shouldn’t be on your device. Give it a whirl on your newly updated device, you won’t regret it one bit.



Reading magazines on a mobile device is the norm these days. With the eventual death of paper, Flipboard is proving to be a black knight when it comes to reading e-magazines on a mobile device. Recently updated to fully support iOS 7, the app feels much more snappy than ever before. And to make things a little bit more exciting, the developers have implemented the Parallax feature in magazine covers, giving the illusion of 3D when you tilt your device. A must-have app if you love reading on the go.


Mailbox iOS

While the native Mail client on iOS 7 gets the job done, but that doesn’t mean we’re bound not to try something new. Mailbox for iPhone took the iOS running world by storm when it was first released back in February of this year. It’s the best third-party mail app we’ve used thus far. While it doesn’t replace the native Mail app completely, it offers great functionality along with a clean UI.

Reeder 2

Reeder 2

Reeder is the go-to app for a lot of iOS users when it comes to checking out RSS feeds. A few days ago, the developer announced that they’re taking the development of Reeder one step further, and released Reeder 2 for iOS. A universal app, written from the ground up for iOS 7, it’s the best app we’ve come across for consuming RSS feeds. And with great social sharing features to boot, the app is a must-have.

Felix for

Felix iOS is an ad-free, paid social network inspired by Twitter. There are a bunch of third-party clients for it which offer a bunch of different functionality, but Felix for offers flair which many don’t. Recently it was updated for iOS 7, and brought with a much more cleaner UI, new navigation gestures etc. Keep in mind though, the app will not work on older versions of iOS from this point onwards, and is now an iOS 7-only affair.


Vevo iOS

If you’re a music junkie like me, then it’s highly likely that VEVO already lives on your iOS device’s home screen. The recent iOS 7 update makes the app much more stable, uses iOS 7 specific assets for displaying graphics and is a lot more fun to use. All the funny glitches which users were facing before the update are now long gone, and the new VEVO for iOS app plays music videos like a charm.


Vine iOS

Vine is a great way to share short, 7 second videos on Twitter. Today, the app has been updated to take full advantage of iOS 7, and is now more stable than ever before. Grab it from the App Store today and explore your creative short video making skills.


WordPress iOS

If you love to blog on the go, then WordPress is a gem to have. The new update brings with it a new flatter UI, which coincides with the general look of iOS 7, and apart from that, it features performance and general bug fixes.


Camera Plus

Admit it, there are a lot of us who don’t like the native Camera app which iOS has to offer no matter how good it gets. If you’re one those people, then Camera+ lies in the known territory of your app list, including ours. The new Camera+ v4 app has just been pushed to the App Store and features the all-new iOS 7 laden UI. Apart from that, the app now lets you send photos to other apps as well, such as Instagram, Dropbox etc. Thrown into the mix is AirPrint support for good measure. But still, who prints photos these days, right?

Apple Store

Apple Store iOS

The official Apple Store app has been updated to fit in nicely with iOS 7 as well. Though it doesn’t bring forward anything groundbreaking, but if use the Apple Store app a lot to make purchases then grabbing the new update is a must!


  • Gmail
  • Twitterrific
  • Clear
  • eBay
  • Nike+ Running
  • Kindle

These are just a few of the apps which we believe should be on your device, if you’ve recently updated to iOS 7. There are a lot more inbound as time passes by.

If you believe we missed something important in the list then do share your apps with us in the comments section below.

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