Leaked: This Is Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge [Image]

A new image of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 has just been leaked, and it looks like the Korean company will be releasing the Edge variant of its flagship after all. Photo and details to follow right after the jump.

It wasn’t too long ago when alleged photos of the Galaxy S6 chassis were leaked online, which looked like an iPhone 6 rip-off at best. The photos were taken in a toilet, and we’re hoping that is where they’ll be left at, as this new image leak has shed some light on a long standing speculation. We’ve already seen Spigen spill the beans on the Galaxy S6 design, and now a new manufacturer has joined in on the game, shedding even more light on Samsung’s upcoming flagship(s).


In this new photo, we see Verus in action as it dresses up the Galaxy S6 with one of its cases. Verus is one of the top case manufacturers for smartphones in South Korea. Without the case we see the phone rendered with the same flush back that has been speculated for a while now, detailing that the phone could be sporting glass panels on the front and back like the iPhone 4 / 4s. The camera and heart rate sensor have been placed and shaped exactly as we have become accustomed to seeing lately.

For the first time however, we see – even though rendered – the image of the supposed Galaxy S6 Edge we’ve been hearing about for some time now. There have been plenty of reports floating around the Web hinting at the arrival of a curved edge display on the Galaxy S6, with speculations of the curving panel ranging from being on one side to both. Some even state that the curved edge display – be it single or dual – would be a standard feature on the Galaxy S6. Coming back to the image, either the phone will carry the feature as a dual sided one, or Samsung is throwing in left and right hand variants as can be seen below.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 10.01.20 pm

All eyes are keenly watching the arrival of the Samsung’s Project Zero, which is the company’s chance at redeeming itself after the immense success that the iPhone 6 has seen at its expense. Fans were not much impressed with the S5, and realizing this, the Korean giant has been working hard at designing their new front runner from scratch. The phone will finally be unveiled on the 1st of March at MWC 2015 in Barcelona.

(Source: CNet)

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