Keep Tabs On Incoming And Outgoing Shipments With The Parcel App From PackageX

You can keep tabs on incoming and outgoing shipments with the Parcel app from PackageX on iPhone or Android. Interested? Here are the details.

Shipping packages around the country, continent, and, even, the world is something that most of us do each and every day.

Even for those who rarely send packages, there’s a good chance you’re receiving packages that you have ordered from an online shop.

Since more packages are being ordered and sent than ever before, the question is: how do you keep track of all this stuff? The answer: you use Parcel.

Parcel is an app available for both iPhone and Android that allows you to not only track packages, but let’s you send them as well.

You can track packages for inbound or outbound – Parcel is the first app to do both, and that’s just the beginning: With Parcel, sending packages is a breeze. Easily generate outbound shipping labels needed for sending packages, from the comfort of your home or workplace; automatically measure packages by using Parcel’s built-in AI measuring feature, called the “Measure App;” and send photo-rich notifications, so recipients know the contents of packages before they even ship.

Never lose track of another package – Parcel brings the power to keep track of your inbound deliveries, generate outbound labels, notify receivers, and manage returns.

Parcel is a tracking app, after all. That’s why you’ll never lose track of a package again – Parcel gives you the power to keep a record of your inbound deliveries, generate outbound labels, notify receivers with photo-rich messages, and easily manage returns.

Supported couriers include FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, and many more. In fact, there are more than 100 different courier services supported. Last but not least, there is no limit on the number of packages you can track.

Parcel is free to download and you can pick it up from the Apple App and Google Play Stores right now. Anyone who sends and receives even a few packages should consider checking out Parcel today. It’ll change your shipping game.

Head over to the PackageX website to get started.

Download: Parcel app for iPhone on App Store
Download: Parcel app for Android on Google Play

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