Jailbroken iPhone Vs Non-Jailbroken iPhone Speed Test [Video]

To jailbreak or not to jailbreak iOS 10? Speed test vs non-jailbreak iPhone shows the pros and cons of going either way.

The world of iPhone and iPad jailbreaking has had a lot thrown at it over the years and it continues to be one of the most vibrant communities around.

While people have questioned the security aspect of jailbreaking in particular and whether such a potential risk is worth the return of being able to push iOS to its limits with tweaks that add functionality the likes of which Apple would never allow, there is another criticism of jaibreaking that is perhaps less obvious. That criticism surrounds speed, or to be more accurate, the lack of it. When a user jailbreaks an iPhone or an iPad they gain so much, but one thing that many jailbreakers do complain about is an overall reduction in speed of the system, particularly the responsiveness of apps.

The potential reasons for this are plentiful, not least the possibility that jailbreakers install tweaks which use a lot of resources in order to do those things Apple do not like – after all, maybe there is a reason iOS doesn’t do full blown multitasking of its own accord. But before anyone can look at why these perceived speed issues happen, perhaps we should confirm that they aren’t just that – perceived.

YouTuber, YomiTosh apparently had the exact same thought when he published a video in which he takes two iPhone 6 handsets, one jailbroken and one stock, and compares the performance of the two by launching apps on them, both afresh and once they have been loaded into RAM. The results, in at least some instances, may surprise but the gist is simple – jailbreaking does seem to result in poorer performance than stock systems.

However, this video is far from a scientific test and there are faults to be picked with it. If you take it at face value there is definitely a story to be told, so if you have a spare six minutes there are worse ways you can spend them than checking this video out.

(Source: YomiTosh [YouTube])

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