Irony: Apple’s Internal Presentation On Handling Leakers Gets Leaked

In a move that will surely surprise nobody who is familiar with irony, an internal presentation during which Apple employees were told how to deal with information leaking out of the company has itself been leaked.

We find ourselves marvelling at the gaul of whoever leaked it to The Outline, because we think even Apple’s top bosses would have to raise a wry smile at the leak.

The hour-long audio recording, titled “Stopping Leakers – Keeping Confidential at Apple,” was for around 100 people and was given by three members of Apple’s Global Security division. They included director of global security David Rice, director of worldwide investigations Lee Freedman, and Jenny Hubbert, who is apparently part of the Global Security communications and training team.

Throughout the hour-long session, the audio goes into detail about the measures Apple has in place to try and avoid information leaking out of its business, whether that is to competitors, the press or anyone else for that matter. The team that is there to do exactly that is The Global Security team, and they should know exactly what they are talking about seeing as they include former members of the NSA, the US military, the FBI, and the US Secret Service.

According to David Rice, Apple has great concerns over the theft of parts for upcoming products, with enclosures being one of the more likely to go missing before popping up in Shenzhen’s electronics market. With workers on production lines often offered as much as a year’s salary to leak parts, and reported to make about $350 USD a month, it is perhaps unsurprising that Apple has had issues with such leaks in the past.

With the iPhone 8 set to be announced later this year, we have already seen more than a few leaks about the device, so it is clear that the various teams and people within Apple still have plenty of work to do before the company is as secure as it once was.

(Source: The Outline)

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