iPhone XS, XS Max Users Reporting Stuttering Animations After Ten Seconds Of Idle Time

In a clear example of no product ever being perfect for 100% of owners, there is currently word going around that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max suffers from a micro-stutter after it has been left idle for ten seconds or more. According to 9to5Mac, who have apparently been tracking the issue, the problem comes when you interact with a previously idle iPhone, with animations not able to keep up initially.

The report says that this has been a problem for a good long while and that it’s still there in the latest iOS 12.2 betas. There are threads on forums, including Apples own support forums, in which people have been successful in getting replacement devices from Apple Stores only to find that the new handsets are the same.

In the video provided by a 9to5Mac reader, you can see an iPhone XS Max loading apps and then being left for a few seconds. From what we’re told, when the app is then swiped to be closed, you can see a slight micro-stutter in the accompanying animation. I, in all honesty, can’t see it.

That, of course, isn’t to say it isn’t there. We know that some are more susceptible to seeing these things and we’d imagine that if you can see it, you’d soon get pretty irritated by it. Our assumption here is that the device is falling into some sort of power saving mode and slowing the included A12 chip down. It’s the ramping back up in order to handle the animation that is causing the problem, but interestingly, it doesn’t impact the older iPhone X.

Thankfully, this is all presumably something that can be fixed in a software update, but considering it hasn’t happened yet, it may not be wise to hold your breath while you wait.

(Source: 9to5Mac)

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