iPhone X Crackling Sound Issue From Earpiece Speaker Being Reported By Some Users

The world is perfectly happy and willing to talk about the successes and positives of Apple’s iPhone X, so it’s only right and proper that any negative points or user-experience issues are highlighted. To that end, a growing selection of iPhone X owners are starting to report that they are hearing and experiencing crackling and buzzing noises emanating from the hardware’s front earpiece speaker when the volume is cranked right up.

The tech community has been caught up in just how impressive and successful iPhone X has been since its extremely recent release into the public domain.

However, now that the positive fairy dust has settled, we’re starting to see reports of people finding issues with the hardware after the honeymoon period has ended, including more than a dozen iPhone X owners stating that a crackling or buzzing noise is audibly present when any type of audio playback is happening at either extremely high or maximum device volume levels. This could be while playing music, a podcast, or simply watching a video on the device.

Those who have been affected by the issue have been taking the opportunity to see if the problem occurs with one particular type of playback, such as music playing through Apple Music or apps like Spotify, and even if the issue persists on all versions of iOS or with the device setup and configured in a particular way.

If the information posted into the public domain is accurate then it would appear that the problem is evident on an array of iOS versions and when anything is playing through the earpiece. Even ringtones downloaded directly from the iTunes Store. It is worth mentioning that this is only affecting a very small subset of devices at the moment so there is a potential that it’s a bad batch of devices.

It’s also worth actually considering that the problems could be due to distortion of specific types of sound playing at very high volumes, but we would imagine that it would affect a higher number of devices if that was the case. Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus devices were reported to have a similar issue last month, which Apple fixed with the release the iOS 11.0.2. Let’s hope Apple responds to this issue promptly and issues a similar rectification.

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