Apple’s Flagship Regent Street Store In London Raided By Hammer-Wielding Moped Gang

A malicious gang of thugs riding in pairs on five mopeds has ransacked Apple’s flagship Apple Store located at Regent Street in London.

Rather than taking the route of meticulously planning on a stealth attack using intelligence and class, the masked ten individuals instead used a high-powered moped to smash through the glass doors of Apple’s retail outlet before storming the shop in pursuit of things to steal.

Local Metropolitan police attended the scene after being contacted at 12:42 am to be told of a robbery taking place in the Regent Street area of London. Those attending police officers were greeted with a scene including the aforementioned moped still inside of the Apple Store, smashed glass shattered all over the place, and a stock level severely depleted after the robbers made off with thousands of pounds worth of Apple MacBooks and iPad units. That moped was then investigated as evidence by the forensic squad associated with the local police force.

A number of witnesses who saw the crash-and-grab raid have said that the perpetrators were inside of the Apple Store for a period of approximately three minutes and that the attack did have a semi-sophisticated feel to it. The method of entry may have been rudimentary, but it’s said that the robbers placed a number of lookouts outside of the store to keep an eye out for emergency services or anyone attempting to stop the raid from taking place.

The rest of the gang were then inside stealing Apple’s merchandise and threating on-site security guards with hammers to stop them from getting involved or trying to thwart the theft. Metropolitan police are currently appealing for witnesses to come forward with any additional information.

Apple has re-opened the store, as usual, today with no evidence that any issue has actually occurred. However, one local to the area, who is also a customer of Apple, isn’t surprised that the attack has occurred, stating “moped attacks have got really, really bad and I’m not surprised this happened. I don’t know what the Met is doing about it.” Police investigating the incident have since recovered two iPhone X units at a different location in the city, which leaves iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads, and MacBooks still at large with no arrests made.

This is second time this month that a robbery has taken place at an Apple Store, with the first one being made earlier this month outside Apple Store in San Francisco when a gang robbed a UPS truck outside the store full of iPhone X units on the device’s launch day.

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