iPhone OS 4 Removes Google Branding in Safari Search

Those who might’ve tried the beta version of iPhone OS 4 might’ve noticed that Safari’s search doesn’t have the Google branded button anymore. The button for the search simply reads “Search” now instead of “Google”, even though the search engine (Google) remains the same.

Google Search Removed in iPhone OS 4

We’re uncertain why Apple took this step, maybe because they want to provide more search engine options in the final version, or maybe they’re switching to another search engine like Yahoo! or Bing, or maybe they are launching their own?. There are a lot of possibilities we can go through right now, numerous in fact, but it’s really unclear whether it’s the recent Apple/Google dispute or not. We can only tell the reason for the rebranding of the button when the final version of iPhone OS 4 comes out, either we’ll see Google search button branding back up again, or some other search engine brand, or a universal search button like this without any brand. [via TUAW and The Readers Eye]

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