iPhone Falls On Carpet, Blends In Like Waldo, Can You Find It?

Have you ever dropped something on the floor only to have a damned hard time finding it again in order to pick it up? We have, but until just now, we thought that we were the only ones. As it turns out, though, the iPhone can be particularly good at going missing when dropped onto an otherwise uninteresting floor.

While a naked Space Gray iPhone may not have quite the same problem, we do know that a floral case was in play here – and that likely wasn’t helping in the iPhone hunt.


First noticed via Facebook, the image in this post highlights exactly how hard it can be to find a phone given the right circumstances. While unlikely to win any hide and seek championships, the story goes that the iPhone was knocked onto the carpeted floor and then was super hard to find thanks to the floral case in which it was living.

As you can see from the photo below, spotting the offending iPhone isn’t all that easy, and we’ve known people simply unable to spot it at all. Whoever said the iPhone didn’t have super-powers? If all this feels familiar, it’s likely because you endured the furore recently about a dress that appeared either blue or gold depending on who was looking at it.

This may not be quite as strange and captivating as that, but it still goes to show how poorly the human eye can perform a lot of the time.

Now, we’re off to try and find the phone ourselves, and failing that, we’re going to sit up all night trying to pull iPhones out of hats. They’ve got to go somewhere when they disappear on the floor, at least.

Here’s the photo. Go ahead. Give it a go. Let’s see how long it takes you to find the iPhone.


(Source: Jeya May Cruz [Facebook])

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