iPhone 5S Will Reportedly Feature ‘Touch-On-Display’ Technology

With three months having passed since the release of the iPhone 5, we’ve just about reached a period we can deem acceptable to begin talking of its successor. The rumors have gathered a great deal of this past week, with various analysts chiming into the argument with predictions of multiple color configurations and multiple screen sizes. Sticking with the theme of display alterations, the latest whispers suggest Apple will scrap the recently-implemented in-cell touch technology instead favoring a new “touch-on-display” technology created by Chimei Innolux.

According to a report over at TheChinaTimes, the decision to make the change will help to remedy prevalent interference issues which have taken the shine off the new iPhone 5’s display. Although Apple appeased many by going slightly larger with the 4-inch offering, the decision to fuse the LCD and digitizer as one entity was something of a double-edged sword. For while the in-cell touch technology allowed the iPhone 5 its incredibly thin form factor, it has also been causing interference issues for some iPhone 5 users.


Apple certainly has a knack for defying the odds in packing upgraded technology into smaller packages, year in, year out; but often, something is foregone in order to achieve those trademark looks. In the case of the iPhone 5, the fused panel can cause interference woes, and has been highlighted as a root cause of the well-documented scrolling glitch.

The issue hasn’t affected everybody, but in many cases, the iPhone 5’s display has reported to cease in accepting touch inputs when a continual up-and-down slide gesture is performed quickly. TheChinaTimes report leads us to believe that Innolux’s alternative “touch-on-display” can maintain the svelteness, without compromising on the general user experience by bringing interference.

Innolux is said to have sent some samples over to Apple for purpose of testing, and should all go smoothly, the next iPhone – widely presumed to be called the iPhone 5S – could be the first handset to enjoy the new technology.

It’s still early, but given the iPhone’s significance in the smartphone market as a whole, the rumors and speculation will continue to flow through. We will, of course, keep you guys in the loop, so stay tuned!

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