iPhone 5S Will Come In Multiple Color Configurations And Screen Sizes [Report]

The biggest names in the financial industry tend to have no qualms with delivering projection where Apple is concerned, which is, I suppose, only natural given the Cupertino’s status as the most valuable company. Corroborating predictions made by Jeffries analyst Peter Misek last month, in which he indicated 6-8 different color options with the next-generation iPhone, Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White also thinks Apple may offer different screen sizes of its iconic handset.

It would be an unprecedented move on both accounts. Thus far, the sale of the iPhone has been a pretty black and white affair, and the sudden leap from two very neutral configurations to a vibrant Crayola-esque assortment would certainly be an eye-opener. But considering the 3.5-inch screen was only altered for the first time with the iPhone 5, the prospect of two different display sizes in one hit is certainly a rumor to capture the imagination.


White and Topeka Capital Markets have gathered through "checks" that the upcoming iPhone will have "more choices for customers," which includes "an expansion in both the color patterns and screen sizes with the next iPhone." He subscribes to the general notion that it’ll probably be called the iPhone 5S, and envisions it releasing at the Q2-Q3 changeover.

The iPod touch released in a deluge of colors last year, and White believes it was a "testing ground" for Apple to offer similar options to iPhone users. Eventually, he also sees the iPad joining the party, but the iPhone is next in line for a lick of color.

The rationale behind the differing screen sizes, is to corner different areas of the market. At this point, Apple actually retails handsets with different display sizes, but never has it done so with the same model. There has always been the lingering rumor of a mid-range, cheaper smartphone to widen the appeal, and next time around, Apple may use the display sizes to distinguish between different versions of the same model.


With Apple having released an iPad mini, patented a stylus, and made the display bigger on the iPhone, I guess anything is possible. With that said, I find both of these predictions pretty difficult to believe. The system of offering the older device as the understudy is not only a cost-effective strategy, but it has worked for Apple time and again, as has the monochrome color selection. While I understand the logic behind offering an array of color with the iPod touch – a device aimed at kids and teens – the same cannot be said for the iPhone.


(via BGR)

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