iPhone 3.2 for iPad Reveals References to New iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!

Deep down inside iPad’s file system, some amazing references have been found related to the upcoming iPod touch, iPhone and the iPad. So are we seeing something exciting coming up from Apple in the near future? Well only time will tell, for now, check out this screenshot below.

iPad 3.2

Judging from the screenshot above, we can clearly see an indication of something new coming in the near future. iPhone3,2, iPhone3,3, iPod4,1 are all pretty much self explanatory that they are two iPhones (perhaps a CDMA and GSM one?) and iPod touch respectively but we can’t tell for sure what the iProd2,1 is, may be its the iPad 3G? or maybe a 2nd-gen iPad? Let’s wait and see what time has in store for us. [via BGR]

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