iOS 9 Features Three New Apps You Can’t Uninstall

When you set up a brand new iPhone or iPad, the excitement is usually enough to carry you through the entire setup process itself, but when the dust settles and you’re left with your new toy, there tends to be one thing that catches your eye – first-party apps that you just don’t want.

After years of mocking Android phone makers and their carrier partners for filling phones with features and content that they don’t need, it seems that Apple is quite happy to do same for their own apps on iPhones and iPads. The really bad news is that these apps can’t be uninstalled either, meaning you’re basically stuck with it.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 5.35.52 AM

Following the beta release of iOS 9 to developers at WWDC, those who install iOS 9 will be met with three new icons that again, they can’t get rid of. Those three icons are for the apps Find My iPhone, Find My Friends and iCloud Drive. The last of these three apps, iCloud Drive, though has an option to be enabled or disabled from appearing on Home Screen. We are not sure if this option will be there in iOS 9 final release too.


Having historically been so keen to point out that Android phones come with lots of things that nobody uses but can’t delete, Apple looks to have lost its bearings completely. Apple is no stranger to forcing some of its own first-party apps on the unsuspecting masses especially on iOS, but the thought of not being able to delete apps like Find My Friends isn’t something that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside – after all, can anyone remember the last time they used that particular feature? Was it to demonstrate it back in the iOS 7 days, perchance?

At this point we don’t begrudge Apple installing its own stuff on iPhones and iPads, but we sure would like an easy way to get rid of them if we don’t want to use them. Maybe in iOS 9 beta 2!

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