Cydia Confirmed Working With iOS 13 Jailbreak, Substrate Still Needs Work

We don’t know if we are going to get an iOS 13 jailbreak as soon as Apple drops the firmware later this fall but thanks to Pwn20wnd we have some insight into how certain aspects of it could perform, were it to happen.

The developer has confirmed that Cydia is “working fine” on iOS 13.0.

The unc0ver developer had previously decided to take a look at Cydia and Substrate running on iOS 12.2 to see if they were any immediate issues or concerns. We now know that this was due to the almost immediate release of Uncover v3.3.0 b1 and b2 which include the Sock Puppet tfp0 exploit and bring support all the way up to iOS 12.2. Naturally, the question got asked about iOS 13, which led the developer to probe further.

In order to find out just how well Cydia and Substrate function on iOS 13, Pwn20wnd deployed a pre-jailbroken version of iOS 13 to an emulated experience running on the CorelliumHQ platform. This allowed him to actually test out Cydia and Substrate in their current states and to ascertain how much work, if any, would be needed to have everything running in tip-top shape should an iOS 13 jailbreak become a reality. The results were announced via Twitter:

If anyone’s wondering, I can confirm that Cydia works fully fine without any changes on iOS 13,0 :-). (Tested on a pre-jailbroken installation with @CorelliumHQ)

That tweet triggered other individuals to ask about the current status of Substrate under the same conditions to which Pwn20wnd replied: “Substrate should work with minor changes.” Cydia has stood the test of time and has been an absolute behemoth as far as iOS jailbroken is concerned. As far as iOS 13 concerned, it looks as though the underlying Cydia app is fine and raring to go but Substrate would need a small amount of work to make it compatible with the jailbreak. We don’t feel like that’s too scary of a challenge for anyone who was looking to pull together a jailbreak.

iOS 13 is still currently in beta and looks sets to be released to the general public this coming September. Let’s hope there is a jailbreak available at that time to take advantage of the fact that Cydia is primed and waiting to be utilized.

(Source: @Pwn20wnd [Twitter])

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