iOS 12 Beta 5 Reveals Dual-SIM Support In 2018 iPhones, AirPods Wireless Charging Case Image

When Apple seeds new beta versions of iOS, it often outs new features or even new devices in the process. Yesterday saw the release of iOS 12 developer beta 5 and as the world begins to spend time with the new software, we are starting to learn little tidbits about it.

Two of those further confirm existing suspicions about the upcoming hardware release that Apple is working on, one relating to AirPods 2, and one to the iPhone itself.

Starting out with the AirPods the folks over at 9to5Mac have spotted new references to the wireless charging AirPods case that Apple actually announced almost a year ago. We first saw references to it in the GM build of iOS 11, while the case and the AirPods within it, had yet to make an appearance.

Within iOS 12 beta 5 there appears to be new images for the case and accompanying AirPods, with the case itself having an LED that will presumably show its charge state. The current AirPods charging case has a battery indication LED on the inside, under the lid, but with wireless charging on the horizon it appears that there will now also be an external light, too.

We now also know that the new AirPods will carry the designation AirPods 1,2, which makes plenty of sense given the fact that the current AirPods have the identifier AirPods 1,1.

Moving on we have dual-SIM support, something that the iPhone – or at least, one of them – is expected to have when the 2018 lineup is announced in September. References to “second SIM status” and a “second SIM tray status” within a component responsible for diagnostic report generation would suggest that this is now almost confirmed, although it’s obviously unknown whether dual-SIM support is coming to all iPhones or just one model as has been suggested.

This new discovery also appears to confirm that the dual-SIM capabilities will be thanks to the iPhone’s ability to carry two physical SIMs rather than one being an e-SIM.

Apple will announce new iPhones this September with updated AirPods and potentially the much anticipated AirPower charging station also coming along for the ride.

(Source: 9to5Mac [1], [2])

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