Kernel Exploit Explored In New PoC May Lead To iOS 11.4.1 Jailbreak

The world of jailbreaking very much depends on there being a new, viable exploit that allows a jailbreak tool to be built upon it. Those kinds of things don’t come along often, and when they do, there is always tension between the two possibilities – does the exploit get used for a jailbreak, or is it sold to the highest bidder for some other use – one that will never be turned into a jailbreak?

As has been noticed by some, it appears that there has been a potential exploit in pre-iOS 12 releases that could turn into something interesting, with that exploit fixed in anything newer than iOS 12.

The exploit itself apparently “allows local attackers to escalate privileges.”

This is, of course, a long way from a jailbreak, and even if it was turned into such a thing, it would only be available for those using iOS 11.4.1 at the newest. That would still make a lot of people happy, but anyone expecting this to turn into a jailbreak anytime soon shouldn’t think about holding their breath.

Jailbreak-capable exploits are discovered more readily than jailbreaks are released, and that can be the case for many reasons.

But that said, the potential is indeed there. That’s sometimes enough to get the juices flowing, and as always, our suggestion is to remain on the oldest possible version of iOS for as long as possible if jailbreaking, or future jailbreaking is something you’re interested in doing.

(Source: Project Moon [Google Translate])

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