Instagram For Windows Phone Is ‘On The Way’, Says Nokia

Windows Phone’s unique functionality and innovative take on the mobile ecosystem in general has drawn a fair few admirers, including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who famously described it as "beautiful" . For all of its plus points however, the real test of a piece of software’s credibility is not just in how good it is, but also how many people are willing to use it, and at the moment, neither developers or consumers seem interested enough in Windows Phone for Microsoft to launch a notable challenge against iOS or Android. One app that could really help draw more consumers is Instagram, and although it’s been somewhat up in the air as to whether the Facebook-owned app would be making an appearance on Windows Phone, Nokia appears to have stepped out and confirmed that, in fact, it will.

There are now in excess of 150,000 apps available over at the Windows Phone Store, but with so many glaring gaps, such as the case in point, it’s still not selling itself particularly well to consumers who like to, for example, do banking on-the-fly.

Instagram is certainly not the end-all be-all for Windows Phone, but with so many millions of users on the network, the lack of support is turning into a bigger deal as time progresses. The myriad of third-party offerings cannot, thanks to restrictions with the Instagram API, offer a fully-fledged experience, and so most Insta-apps on the WP Store are restricted to viewing, liking, and commenting only. But there’s one offering, Instagraph for Windows Phone, which does allow you to upload images to Instagram, but comes with an obvious catch.

On Nokia’s Swedish Facebook page, the comment was made in reply to an enquiring consumer that Instagram "is on the way," but at this point in time, the company "can’t give an exact date." The convo has since been deleted, but with no word from either Instagram, Microsoft, Facebook or anybody else with regards to Windows Phone support, it has to go down as the strongest indicator yet.

Nokia FB Sweden

There have been mutterings from several sources in the know that a Windows Phone Instagram app has already been developed, the app may initially be a Nokia Lumia exclusive.

Whatever the case may be, we will keep you guys updated on any further developments, so stay tuned!

(via: WPCentral)

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