HTC’s New Program Will Replace Your Busted One M9, M8 For Free

If there was ever a good time to buy a new HTC One M9 or M8, it would be now. HTC is now allowing users to simply get their One M9 – or M8 – phone replaced in case of accidental breakage or water damage, during the first year of the purchase. Head over the jump for more on this exciting offer from the Taiwanese giant.

When HTC revealed the One M9 smartphone to the world at Mobile World Congress 2015, HTC Americas President Jason Mackenzie revealed that this year the company would be offering something very different to set itself apart from the competition, and with the roll-out of this offer, it looks like this is exactly what Mackenzie was referring to. With the One M9 to roll out to customers starting April 10, HTC has initiated the U.S. customers only ‘Uh-Oh Program’.


This program – as can be vaguely guessed from the name – will allow users to get their broken or damaged M9 or M8 device replaced within the first year of the purchase. This means, if you drop your phone and crack the screen, drop it in a puddle, have a car run over it, etc. HTC will replace the device for you without any questions asked. The option is also available for if and when users wish to switch carriers, but in both the cases this will have to be done during the first year of purchase, and will be a one-time affair as well.

HTC is really making it easy for users to avail this offer. You will simply need to call HTC using an 800 number and provide them with the phone’s IMEI number which will be used by HTC to ascertain that you haven’t availed this offer before. HTC will ask you for your credit card details for temporary hold till they get your old device back, and will then ship a replacement device overnight to your address, along with a prepaid envelope which will be used to send the device back to HTC. Interestingly, if users don’t avail this opportunity in the first year, HTC will give them a $100 discount on the purchase of a new HTC phone there onwards.


The service also applies to the HTC One M8 as well, like we mentioned above, which enjoyed a similar offer at its launch called HTC Advantage, but was valid for the first six months only.

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