How To Wirelessly Charge Your iPhone [VIDEO]

If you’ve been longing for the immensely cool and "futuristic" ability to charge your iPhone wirelessly, you may be waiting a while for an official solution from Apple. However, a tinkerer who goes by the name of Tanveer took apart a wireless charging case for the iPhone and installed its components into the iPhone 4S chassis itself. If you have a bit of patience, a lot of soldering skills, sufficient knowledge of the iPhone’s internals to disassemble, modify, and reassemble, and you don’t fear breaking your iPhone by mistake, then this would be a fun project of you. The entire process is briefly touched on in a three minute video released by Tanveer.


On top of the aforementioned skills, you will need a Powermat wireless charger (another could theoretically work, but this particular tutorial is centered around the Powermat), a spare iPhone back panel, a spare charger port assembly, and extra thin wire gauge. You will have to solder the wire gauge on pins 16, 23, 25, and 27 on the charger assembly port. Then, you’re going to have to connect them to the wireless receiver you knicked from the Powermat. Connect Pin 16 to 0v or ground, pin 23 to +5v, pin 25 to data-, and pin 27 to data+.

Assuming you managed to do all of this correctly, you should then have a working, wirelessly chargeable iPhone! Now, you need to test your masterpiece before fully reassembling everything and installing the rear panel again.

Now of course, as I mentioned earlier, you can run the risk of permanently damaging your iPhone, and of course, voiding your warranty. So, this is more of a fun hack to perform rather than a practical solution to the lack of wireless charging. However, if you still want to do it for fun and have a spare iPhone laying about, it could make for a fun project. But, if you want to live life on the edge and do this on your main device, you have been warned!

Some sort of official wireless charger from Apple would be awesome, but there hasn’t been any credible news or rumor to even suggest that it’s coming in the next iteration of the iPhone.

(via CultofMac)

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