Galaxy Note II To Be Unveiled in August, Will Feature A 5.5-Inch Display, 12 MP Camera, Jelly Bean & More

Remember the outlandishly awkward Galaxy Note that’s too big to be a phone, but too small to be a tablet? It appears that Samsung is cooking up a successor to the device which it will unveil at the end of August during the IFA 2012 consumer electronics show in Berlin. On top of this, it is rumored that the Galaxy Note II will come with a 5.5" display, which is slightly larger than the existing Galaxy Note’s 5.3" display. It will of course run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which is now the latest version of the operating system.

Under the hood, the device is believed to sport a more powerful quad-core processor – exactly which CPU still remains unknown – with the looming possibility of a camera megapixel bump to around 12 or 13 MP, a substantial boost from the existing 8MP camera on the device. But remember, image quality isn’t just in the megapixels; the actual lens and multiple other factors also play a pretty significant role in how well photos come out.

However, the device will not come with unbreakable plane display (UBP) technology, which is a precursor to the flexible display. Sources claim that the third iteration of the Galaxy Note is more likely to feature such technology.

As of June, the handful of a device had channel sales of over 7 million units. Definitely not bad, but it pales in comparison to the channel sales of the Galaxy S, and S II sales which have collectively topped 50 million worldwide (24 million Galaxy S units, and 28 million Galaxy S IIs have been sold globally). Some actual consumer sales figures would be nice, but I assume that the hype and demand surrounding the device isn’t anything too wild as of now.

It’s an awkward device. It requires two hands to use, it feels strange when it’s in your pocket, and you never know whether the device you’re using is a phone, tablet, or some sort of bizarre being that’s the result of a nuclear accident. However, despite this general opinion surrounding the device from the technology community, it seems to still be seeing a fair bit of sales. Samsung hopes to sell 10 million Galaxy Notes by the end of the year.

(via MKBusiness)

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