This iPhone 5 Concept Has A Curved Screen, Can Be Worn Like A Wristband [VIDEO]

After many years of living in the wilderness, Apple Inc. is now sitting at the top of the technology food chain after becoming the embodiment of everything which the phoenix from the flames metaphor represents. After suffering in silence for numerous years, the insane popularity of the iPhone, iPad and iPod range of mobile devices as well as the resurgence of OS X-powered Macs has seen the Cupertino giants rise to the top of the pecking order.

Apple has survived and been reborn on the back of innovation and risk-taking. Finding niches in the market and exploiting them with beautifully designed products as well as entering into already saturated markets with products that simply blow the competition away. Yes, Apple will continue to develop the iPhone and iPad, but the future is also open for a new range of products, which if some are to be believed, could be a range of wearable devices that take personal music and computing to a new level.

It was only half an year ago when we saw various reports floating around about a small team of Apple engineers rumored to be working on miscellaneous devices that could be worn by the user. Think of an iPod nano wristwatch, but much more advanced with an extensive feature set. Although this rumor hasn’t really been fuelled by any hard evidence, it still hasn’t been put to bed and designer Federico Ciccarese has created some renders of what an Apple wearable device could look like.



Taking inspiration from a few far out reports which speculated on devices being made out of curved-glass, Ciccarese has mocked up an iPhone 5 that looks rather elegant and beautiful whilst giving the impression that it could have come straight out from a Hollywood arachnid movie. The metallic legs of the device serve to cling to the user’s wrist, with the front three limbs sitting comfortably between the user’s fingers. No imagined technical specifications are attached with the images, but the renders do include what looks to be a home screen-type setup complete with app icons as well as full-screen navigation happening through Apple’s Maps system.


If Apple is working on some type of new wearable music player or computer-type device, we are pretty sure that the final product won’t like anything like this, but nevertheless it is still a beautiful concept.

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