How To SIM Unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+

Here’s how you can go ahead and SIM unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ Android smartphone the right way.

Most smartphone lovers will have taken a hard long look at Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+. Even if you aren’t an Android fan it is very difficult to not consider converting from your platform of choice when you see what Samsung has achieved with the S8 range. The hardware itself is undeniably beautiful and powerful, but if you want to append that power by having the device unlocked by your carrier, then this is the process to do that.

Step 1: Before you dive into the actually nitty gritty of it all, you need to extract the IMEI number from the device as this is an important part of the puzzle. If you already know the IMEI number or have it from the side of the device then wonderful. Make a note of it. If not, use the device and dial *#06#. The IMEI number will be displayed on the screen for you to make a copy of.

Step 2: With the IMEI number in your possession, this is the part where you actually need to make a call to your carrier. You can get the customer services number from your monthly statement, or just use the short-dial number from your device to be quickly put through to the carrier who provides your service. Request a carrier unlock code when you get through.

Step 3: As part of that process of producing the unlock code the carrier representative will need the IMEI number of the device. This is to ensure that the code generated is uniquely linked to your Galaxy S8 hardware. When the IMEI code has been provided, the representative should confirm that an unlock code has been generated. This should be with you within five working days.

Step 4: When that code eventually arrives, it will feel like Christmas. But it can also be slightly confusing how to actually go about using the code. In the first instance, you are going to need to eject the current carrier’s SIM card and insert one from a different network. After all, the reason you wanted an unlock code in the first place was to use a different network’s SIM.

Step 5: The device will detect that a different SIM has been placed in and will give you the opportunity to enter the provided unlock code. Type in the code that the carrier provided you with.

And that is all that she wrote. You can now use the device with different SIM cards.

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