How To Get PS4 Remote Play On Any Android Phone Or Tablet [Tutorial]

Here’s how to get the PS4 Remote Play feature and app to work on any non-Xperia Android smartphone or tablet and play / stream PlayStation 4 games. More details and complete step-by-step guide can be found right here.

A developer has released a PS4 Remote Play app port, which can be easily installed on any device, rooted or non-rooted. However, if you wish to connect a Dual Shock controller to your Android phone or tablet, then root access will be required.

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There are two ways to go about getting PS4 Remote Play with Dual Shock Controller support, either via recovery or using the manual route. We have listed both. The developer has also included two versions of the zip files for flashing on your rooted phone. “The normal package includes everything: Remote Play App, DualShockManger App, and the require files to display the PS4 Remote Play Icon under the ‘Connect to PS4’ tab in the PlayStation App.  The minimal package includes only the Remote Play App.”


  • Android 2.2 and above running on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Root access (optional).
  • Custom recovery installed (optional).
  • Download the Remote Play Installer zip file from here or the Remote Play Installer Minimal zip file from here (for rooted devices).
  • Remote Play Port APK from here.
  • Dual Shock Controller (optional).

Non-Root Method (Without Dual Shock Controller Support)

Step 1: No root access required here, simply download the Remote Play Port APK file (linked above) and side-load it on your phone or tablet.

Root Method (With Dual Shock Controller Support)

Step 1: Download the zip file of your choice from the link above, and copy it to the root of your Android device’s storage.

Step 2: Power off your device and reboot into Recovery Mode.

Step 3: Make sure to take a Nandroid backup, and when done, simply flash the zip file copied to your Android device and reboot it.

Step 4: That done, head over the Google Play Store and install both the PlayStation and Sixaxis Controller apps.

Step 5: We need to establish the Dual Shock controller’s MAC Address, so pair with it with your PC using SixaxisPairTool. Once paired, note down the MAC Address and enter the address in the Sixaxis Controller app for Android.

That’s it, you’re done!

Manual Method

Step 1: To begin, download one of the zip files and extract the contents. Copy the extracted folder to your phone or tablet.

Step 2: Install a file manager of your choice, one that has root access.

Step 3: Copy or move the DualShockManager.apk to ‘/system/app’ directory and set the permission of the file to RW-R-R. If you’re running Lollipop, you need to create a folder named DualShockManager in ‘/system/app/’ and then copy the APK over to it.

Step 4: That done, move or copy the following files to the ‘/data/dalvik-cache/’ directory (‘/data/dalvik-cache/arm’ for Lollipop), and set the permission for all files to RW-R-R.

  • system@app@DualShockManager.apk@classes.dex

Step 5: Move or copy the following files to the ‘/system/etc/permissions/’ directory, and set the permission for all files to RW-R-R.


Step 6: We’re almost done here. Reboot the phone and install the Remote Play APK file linked above in the requirements.

Step 7: Install the PlayStation app from the Google Play Store, and you’re done!

For further information, and troubleshooting issues encountered on Lollipop running devices, head over to the forum thread linked at the source below.

(Source: XDA-Developers)

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