How To Fix iOS 6 Passbook And App Store Can’t Connect to iTunes Store Error

When a major upgrade of a huge, complex piece of software like iOS is released to be downloaded and used by millions of users, bugs are definitely going to be discovered that weren’t visible when beta testing. It’s essentially inevitable. iOS 5 had a very noticeable battery drain bug that was fixed with iOS 5.0.1, and now iOS 6 – besides having a less than stellar Maps app – has issues with the App Store and Passbook app. Thankfully, there’s a temporary fix for it. Check it out after the jump.

The problem many iOS 6 users are facing at the moment revolves around a Can’t connect to iTunes Store error message that pops up when they try to update apps from the App Store app or when they try to use the Passbook app.

iOS 6 Passbook

The solution to said bug was found recently by the folks over at MacRumors. Users are required to navigate to Settings > General > Date and Time and turn off Set Automatically. Then they need to change the year to 2013.

Now, you shouldn’t see any such error when updating apps from App Store or using Passbook. If you do, turn on Set Automatically and change the year again.

iOS 6 apparently imparts some sort of time machine-like capabilities to your iOS device, making it think it’s in the future where Apple has fixed all bugs and inadequacies in iOS 6. I’m sure if you open the afterwards, you’ll see transit directions, and more detailed maps.

iOS 6 has its fair share of shortcomings, the biggest of which is the very negatively received Maps app which is a major downgrade from Google Maps. Others include a lack of an untethered jailbreak, and minor UX issues.

Passbook App Store

We asked our community about whether they had upgraded to iOS 6 yet. Almost 60% of the readers who voted (4,169 as of typing) chose “No. Apple Maps, lack of untethered jailbreak etc. just doesn’t cut it for me.”

If you received the Can’t connect to iTunes Store error and tried this fix, let us know if it worked for you over in the comments section on our Facebook and Google+ page.

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